Review: Rouse Ye Women


Review: Rouse Ye Women – The Story of Mary Macarthur and the Women Chainmakers, by Townsend Theatre Productions.

I’ll be very upfront about it – I loved this play. Described as a ‘folk ballad opera’, and written by John Kirkpatrick and Neil Gore, this production made me feel like I was there with the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath, ready to drop tools alongside them, join the union and demand fairer pay.

Review: Escaping the Storm Marie Stopes on the Isle of Portland

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How do you solve a problem like Marie Stopes? A new play by Dorset-based AsOne Theatre company has made a good attempt to. Escaping the Storm examines Stopes’ life through the lens of her time on Portland, where she bought the lighthouse she retreated to amidst the storm of public outcry that often surrounded her.

Stopes was a hugely controversial figure, whose work arguably impacted the lives of millions of women positively, and yet she also held some deeply disturbing views.