Transcript – Mary Anning Rocks fundraiser


Transcript of my speech at the Mary Anning Rocks Fundraising event, February 2019, Art University Bournemouth


Courage calls to courage


Sheroes: Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, Anita Hill and other sexual assault survivors

Shero strength: Courage

I feel like I’m a beat behind in writing this. I wanted to write something weeks ago as the conversation around Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court began and Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations were made public. I wanted to write something after her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I wanted to write something when her words, and the words of other women who have claimed he assaulted them, ultimately failed to have any affect and he was voted into the Supreme Court with a count of 50 to 48. I wanted to write something when Donald (f***ing) Trump apologised to Kavanaugh ‘on behalf of the nation’.